Where to get Coupons to help you stay on Budget

Where to get Coupons to help you stay on Budget

Are you looking for more ways to save money?

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We know staying on budget can be hard at times. Excluding our indulgences, there are essentials that we need day to day that we can’t afford to not buy. That’s why we have listed in this article not only how to save money but where to find the tools to help you on your frugal journey.

As you have probably heard, coupons are one of the best ways to save money on most, if not all, of your daily essentials. Coupons can be found online and offline and this article will guide you to the exact spots to get the best ones.

1.Newspaper Coupons

First, on the list are newspaper coupons. And although some might say they’re old-fashioned, they still work. If you get the Sunday paper, utilizing these coupons is as easy as stepping outside your front door. If you don’t get the paper, signing up can be very beneficial if you’re trying to save money but not necessary as you can buy the newspaper on a week to week basis depending on your couponing needs.

2.In-Store Coupons

Another way to save money is with in-store coupons. The coupon community refers to some of these coupons as “blinkies” and you can usually find them down the store aisles on blinking machines that will eject money-saving slips. While shopping, you might also want to check out the store’s paper located at most entrances. This in-store paper can offer a variety of savings and it is perfect for last-minute deals. Once you’ve collected all your coupons and you’ve paid for your purchases, be sure to check your receipt as oftentimes there are more deals located at the bottom or back of the receipt. These are called Catalina coupons and they can be very rewarding.

3.Coupon Apps

In-store and newspaper coupons are easy to use and can save you a lot of money, but an even easier way to save money is by downloading coupon apps. Coupon apps are convenient because of their easy accessibility and with the amount of data your phone can go through there is less of a chance that you will miss out on savings. We have listed some of our favorites below.

  • Shopkick. This app offers a myriad of rewards. Some of these savings can be accessed by just walking into a store, others can be accessed by scanning your receipt and/or buying certain items. The app keeps track of all your rewards making things easy and hassle-free for you.
  • SnipSnap.This app is a crowd favorite and for good reason. It allows you to take pictures of your coupons and then use them in-store straight from the app. It’s easy to use and convenient as you can store and organize all your coupons in one place and access them whenever you are ready to save money.
  • Yowza. Last on the list of coupon apps is Yowza. Yowza is great because it allows retailers to advertise exactly which stores have money-saving coupons available. You can search the app by store/brand or by simply turning on the location services and allowing the app to show you deals in your general vicinity.

4.Coupon Websites

Coupon websites are last on our list of money-saving tips but don’t underestimate them. Coupon websites are used by millions of people each year and the savings are phenomenal. Sites like Coupons.com or Retailmenot.com offer their users thousands of deals on products every day and the deals just keep coming. Another good website is Yippeecoupons.com. This site offers expert tested coupons, so you can always be certain that your coupon will work at checkout and with continuous deals coming in Yippeecoupons.com is a great option if you’re lookin for a one-stop shop for all your coupon needs. And not only are they versatile but they can save you an average of $21 on your next purchase! What’s not to love?

If you stick to these methods and are constantly on the hunt for more coupons you can be sure your savings will go up and you’ll be sure to stay within your budget.…